Some time ago I started a poll if people would like to have a review from me about the Dignics 05. It’s now officially out and therefore I think it’s a good time to post my review!

I was also thinking how should I do it? This time I just made a story for my website and as you can see in English. As you know it’s not my mother language so if I make any mistakes I am sorry.

About the rubber, I love it. I started to play with it on the forehand and I got so much more control. Let me tell you why. As you know I am a spin player. This rubber holds the ball way longer which means that you can control how much spin you want in the ball. For example, when your too late for the ball, you can still make a slow spin and put it with a loop on the table.

The rubber is a little bit slower than the Tenergy 05, because it stays longer in the rubber, but as a reward there is more effect in the ball. Smashing is a little bit difficult, but the receive and the service are better/easier.

After 1 week I also changed it to my backhand. It gave me much more rest in a match/rally. I didn’t had the feeling I had to score, because now I can put spin variations again.

What I had to get used to is that if you touched the ball too soft it will fall down. This means you have to make good contact with the rubber.

Overall I am happy with the improvement of Butterfly. With the Tenergy 05, Tenergy Hard and the Dignics05 people can chose more what will fit to their game and that’s most important.

This was my review, I hope you liked it and if you want more like this, leave me a comment!